Through The Ether: Elan Vital

by Patrimony

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Part 2 of the 2016 Trilogy, THROUGH THE ETHER.
All songs written by Patrimony. Album art by James Alee -

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released July 16, 2016

We would like to thank Jon & Ma - Mckinley - Naiya - Dalton - Andrew - Matt - Mattie - Eunice - Jo - Bob - Jordan - Brendan - Colton - Sierra - Rob - Dylan - To really every one who has believed in us. Thank you so much.



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Patrimony Portland, Oregon

Patrimony is a Rock N Roll band with no restriction. The goal is simple: make timeless music. With Sincerity. Love. Sadness. Open Eyes. Light With Dark. Noise. Resonance. Energy.

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Track Name: Skin, Bones, Heart, Skull
I live different life - I forget all the rules -
My throat is disappearing - But, hey, yours is, too -

(It seems we're all the same - Fighting the same disease -
You can't create without defeating these pleads -
And, if that's OK with you - Your skin might turn to blue -
In down through your bones - Through your heart - Through your skull -
You'll lose control - OH NO)

This time - I will answer your question -
In certainty - Abide by the truth -
Water calmed fire - Elements bond - It's sensual science -
And, if so - IS ATOM GOD? -

(It seems we're all the same)


Through time - We look into the ether -
The moon settles while the sun waves goodnight -
Full of life - Death shadows in balance to sum -
The mystery of the heart beating DRUM -

(It seems we're all the same)
Track Name: Cadillac
You get it -
Track Name: Good Morning
Good morning - I saw your face in the paper -
In the Cookie Cutter Enabler - You can't sell a record without selling who you are -
Your image - Hollowed by those who follow -
Iconic come tomorrow - Swallowed by a pill -
Sedated, who you are -

But, this aint no fairytale - You cannot hide behind the veil -
You exiled embryo - You can't afford this fame -

So, goodnight - Got the feeling something aint right? -
The moment you turned out the lights - It aint no surprise -
You frightened who you are -
Now, your face is hyped up in total disgrace - Now, I see it all over the place - And, I can't help but wonder if you still are who YOU are -

Cause this aint no fairytale - You cannot hide behind the veil -
You exiled embryo - You can't afford this life -
This aint before - And, it aint the end - So, stick to truth you can't pretend - Save for your dreams so when you grow old -
Control will fracture - Then, you'll have it sold - OH NO
Track Name: I Won't See You
(I Won't See You)

Don't give in - You're in hell -

Complicate intention - Brain dead inventions - Sucking on your soul -
TV - None recollection -

(I Won't See You)

Don't give in - You're in hell -
Track Name: Never Needed Her Love
I brought acrylics to paint right on her naked body in rhyme -
No other way I could impress her - Even in my prime -
The little lady won't show me decadence - As her dance is shy -
Some call it a frail romance - Not worth the buy -

But, I won't wait for too long - Any day now -

(I never really needed her love - Couldn't ever get enough -
In denial, truth is rough)

I took the girl to the LOCO market to buy us lunch in dimes -
The daily pitiful assumption says I stay broke over time -
Yet - With broken fingers - I lay down an intimate bind -
Song sung by a Troubador who yearns to be her kind -

But, I won't wait for too long - Any day now -

(I never really needed her love)
Track Name: 33 Bullet Holes
She once showed me a heart full of bliss -
Here in 6 feet under - I buried her kiss -
Solely a potion to stay motionless - But - That's alright -
She sold it - Sold it to me -

Deep in her magick was a mistressing mess -
She had me at her finger tips pulling triggers til I'd confess -
So - With 33 bullet holes - I thought I'd work for my soul -
So - I did - But - She sold it - Sold it from me -

With out further question - Yes - I walked away -
With prayers on my mind - And - Another Holy day -

(I never needed her love)
Track Name: Eternity; 7:37
I cannot confront you - The Devil's up your sleeve -
I can cut you slack - Slack - Slack -
But - I won't drag you on -

(Though we love these intentions - Not much left to say -
So - Get back to work - Or wait right here - While we're dancing with the Devil)

This casted sense of danger - MMM - That sensually arouses you -
Is hexing you illusively - Something must've lit your candle -

(Cause we love these intentions)

Let there be light - Over your fear -
Comforting sounds caress your ears -
Ever so gently - Never petrified -
Nothing less than all - Disappearing black -

I painted you this picture - Get up off your Throne of Thorns -
For his Testament is surrounding you - Your blessing is reborn -

(Cause we love these intentions)

Let there be light

Track Name: Dissected
Dissected - Under your bed - A monster -
Creeps slowly - Waiting for you to fall deep down -
Do remember when your dreams are the mare of the night with the face of a clown -

Black thunder - Blue storm rising over your head -
Deceitfully demonized til your wings have shed -
All the light of your soul - Gaining fearful control -
Stuck in the lies - Darkened demise - Open your eyes - No fight to be sole -
Always watching - The all seeing comfort has left the building - Here's your debt -

(We fall asleep in wonderful screams -
Though we are living - We're self-destructing)
Track Name: Love, Everlasting
Home is where we make it - Love is how we take it -
Though it's everlasting - I pray that we won't taint it -

(What I really need to know is that we can live relentlessly -
Short of words - We weep in fear - No need for comfort - Your solitude is here)

This time - We pass in glory - The journey is the story -
When we reach that flood tide - Remember consequence -

(What I really)

As brothers - We climb the phone - Ego Death in line - Tethering this tone -
When the Devil knocks down our door - Know I got your back - Through the Ether we will sore -
Pleasure as pleasing as you please - This heart may be numb - But - I will pull you off your knees -
No more hating love itself - This time it's our tale to be up on the shelf -
When it's over - It's over - Timeless - We will seize - No weight upon our shoulder -
It's all LOVE - It's all LOVE - LOVE